Summer Goals for 2013

June 5th, 2013 by NdeJonge 0

I haven’t got a post up in a while so I figured I’d get a goals post up for the summer here.  This will include June, July and August, and it won’t be a very extensive list seeing as it is summer time.

  • Sell my poker sites.  I’ve been trying to do this for a while and I haven’t been able to sell the sites for what I feel they are worth.  I did a revamp of hoping that it would improve in the SERPS and it hasn’t done so yet, but hopefully the next update will bump it up.  Full Tilt announced their new affiliate program about a month ago, which was great because I was getting sign ups for them before they shut down after black Friday.  Already got a few sign ups last month so that should get the value closer to what I was hoping for.  Either way I’m going to try to sell the site again before the end of the summer to lighten the load into next year.  If anyone is interested in my poker network, drop me a line.
  • I did start a few new sites and I will be deciding after a few months whether I want to continue with them. is a futures betting site that I would like to see perform better, while is an ‘evolution of sports betting’ type site that I want to get going as well.
  • Most of my sport specific sites, ie NHL, NBA, college football, college basketball, won’t require much work during the offseasons.  This will give me more time to focus on with some more pages, as well as and, all of which I see as being solid earners over the next year.
  • I would also like to sell as the traffic has dropped substantially and I’m not interested in adding new posts to a site that doesn’t get my sign ups.  I had hoped it would generate natural links, which it did at first, but that has slowed as well and now the site is basically just sitting there.

Overall, I just want to have 2 or 3 solid work days each month.  I know that the weekends are a wash for the entire summer, as well as most Fridays, so if I can sit down at the computer enough between Monday and Thursday to set myself up for a good year after the summer lull is over this would be great.

2013 Sports Betting Affiliate Goals

January 19th, 2013 by NdeJonge 0

Here it is January 18th and I haven’t gotten a goals post up yet for this year.  With the NHL starting tomorrow I will be spending more time on NHL Betting Tips and may have even less time to get this up, so here goes.

To start off I’m going to look at last years goals and see how I did.  You can see that post here.

  • I did fairly good for not starting many new gambling affiliate sites.  I didn’t stick to this exactly, with a new Bet On Horse Races site added to my network over last year.  I also started a few new sites this past week and added from Josh.
  • I do fairly well creating ‘To Do’ lists on a daily basis so I’m going to say I accomplished this.  I should start trying to add ‘To Do’ lists for weeks or months as well though rather than coming up with new things every day.
  • I did fairly well with posting on NHL Betting Tips daily throughout last season.  I’ve already got a bunch of posts up for this year as well including picks for the first day of action.
  • I think NBA Betting Predictions got to the same level as NHL Betting Tips this past season.  I’ve got a great picks writer for the site and he is doing very well.
  • Download Poker Online got hit by Panda and hasn’t been the same since.  I’m hoping it will recover at which point I will probably try to sell the site.  I want to get out of poker and focus solely on sports betting.
  • I don’t have the exact numbers on income from last year, but I think I came close to hitting the goal.  I would say I missed it by a little bit though.

So I did fairly well with my goals from last year.  Now to make some decent goals for 2013 that I can manage!

  • Add picks posts to NHL Betting Tips every day for the season and playoffs, as well as next season which will be starting on time!
  • Once again do not start any new sites.  As I mentioned I added about 6 new sites to my sports betting network last week and I want to focus on these, as well as build out my current sites rather than add new ones.  I used to make mini sites, but these do not seem to be looked highly upon by Google anymore so its time to spend the year building out what I have.
  • Sell my poker and casino sites.  I want to focus only on sports betting.  The problem is my poker sites do not have the value right now that I believe they should because they were hit by panda. I have done quite a bit of tinkering with the backlink profiles and the SEO on the main poker sites though so I’m hoping for a bounce back in the next update.  I’m also ranking well for some ‘Full Tilt’ terms, but this won’t help me with the sale until they bring back their affiliate program which is expected to be March.  Let’s just say I hope to sell off my poker and casino sites around summer time if everything goes well.
  • Continue to add more writers to the team.  I have been adding several more writers to my team and I want to continue to do this.  This will allow me to keep my content fresh and have more continually updated websites rather than static ones, which I think Google prefers.
  • Remain focused on Sports Bet Listings and try to improve it into one of the top authority sports betting sites online.  It is already a solid site, but I need to remain focused on it and not get side tracked by other projects.
  • Net income goal of $65,000.  I would be pretty happy with this and it is a very reasonable goal, especially if I refrain from starting new projects.

My Summer So Far 2012

August 14th, 2012 by NdeJonge 0

Back in May I wrote my goals for the summer and since I haven’t posted on here in a while and the summer is almost over I’m going to take a look at what I’ve accomplished so far in regards to that post and also look at the rest of August in terms of what I want to get done.

I did mention that I wanted to post in the blog on on a daily basis and for the first couple months of the summer I did this and saw good results with a lot of traffic heading to those posts.  At some point though the traffic stopped.  I’ve since changed the format of the blog post URL’s (took out the category part and now just have the blog post name after and I think this has helped with Google traffic.  That being said with the lack of traffic I lost motivation to post on the site every day and this hasn’t returned, especially because it has been increasingly difficult to find a topic to write about in the summer time when there is not a lot of sporting events or even tv shows occurring.  I will hope to get back to a daily post in September, but until then 1 or 2 a week will suffice for the rest of August.

I did manage to write about 50 new pages of content in July, which provides a check mark to me wanting to get 10 more pages on Sports Bet Listings and 25 more on  A lot of these pages also went to a new bet on horse races project that I started, even though I told myself I wasn’t going to be creating any new websites over the summer.

As for sign ups, my main money pages on Sports Bet Listings took a hit in Google after Panda so my sign ups have gone down for the past couple months.  I’ve changed a few things, including some links (I think I may have over optimized) but no fix just yet.  I’m still waiting and hoping on this one.

August is about half way finished and I have some plans for the remaining weekends, and I am also moving to a new location in the city so I am not expecting to get too much work done.  I’m not planning to write anymore static content for my sites, but instead just continue to provide blog posts on a regular enough basis.  I also want to start finding some writers, especially sports betting writers to bring my sites to the next level over the next year.  Finding writers to make my business more turn-key so I can focus more on the other aspects of the business rather than always having to worry about writing more content.

The summer was not overly productive and the hit to my money pages on my main site definitely hurt, but it was a good summer overall so I can’t complain.  A few more weeks of summer and then a trip to Vegas at the beginning of September to finish out a great summer then I do need to get back to the grind and be more productive in the fall and winter months.


Summer 2012 Goals

May 9th, 2012 by NdeJonge 1

From May to August is usually what I consider my “summer” because I’ve gotten used to calling it that after finishing 5 years of University.  Nowadays I am working full time so this “summer” is really only in my head, but I have a lot of friends who are still in University so May to August still has the same feel that it has in the past.  The weather is nice, there is more to do and more people to do it with.  That generally results in less productivity from me in terms of continuing to improve my websites.  I’m hoping that this post will keep me on track with where I want to be at the end of the summer in terms of my websites.

The NHL Playoffs are coming to an end and I have been trying to post daily predictions throughout the entire regular season and playoffs.  Things have gone fairly well with the NHL website, but traffic is down of late, but I’m attributing that to only a few teams being left in the playoffs.  I know my interest has gone down since the Senators and Sharks were eliminated and also since some of the favourites who are fun to watch are now eliminated as well.  The three teams that have qualified for the Conference Finals are not exactly exciting teams and I think the NHL Playoffs have suffered from this.

Anyways instead of writing a daily post on my NHL predictions site in the morning I’m going to try to write a new post in my betting blog at every day.  I’m going to be creating posts with “bet on” terms for lesser known events with a lot of “specials” wagers mixed in such as the winner of American Idol or if a movie will have a higher than 70% tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes.  I’m hoping that these posts will be able to rank well and convert some individuals who likely do not yet have online betting accounts.

I’m also going to continue to focus on my main sports betting website, Sports Bet Listings and try to get at least 5 posts up every week.  In addition I would like to add at least 10 new static pages to Sports Bet Listings over the summer and around 25 more to

My poker network has gotten much smaller over the last year and I am always considering selling it, but I think it would be smarter for me to just continue adding a couple pages and trading links every now and then, so that is what I am planning to do over the summer in terms of poker.

Summer is usually a bad time of year to be a sports betting affiliate, but this summer should be different.  The Euro 2012 tournament is set to take place and will be followed closely around the world.  I will attempt to cash in on this with my main sports betting sites, but I’m not planning to create a dedicated site for the tournament.  Following that the 2012 Summer Olympics is set to take place and although I decided not to create a dedicated site like I did for the Winter Olympics I expect to be able to convert some sports bettors for those two weeks as well.

So there are my summer plans.  I know I will be out of the house often, but if I can at least try to take advantage of the Euro 2012 and Summer Olympics, as well as add the daily posts and static content I will consider it a fairly productive summer.

Sports Betting Affiliate Goals 2012

January 24th, 2012 by NdeJonge 2

I finally finished my last semester of University in December, which sets the stage for 2012 to be my best year ever, mainly due to the fact that I am now a full time affiliate marketer!  I’m planning to stay in the gambling sector this year and really try to build my online sports betting presence, while keeping a few online poker sites running and bringing in some cash.  If opportunities arise to move into some other verticals I may take them, but the focus for this year is going to be on my sports betting network.

As a self employed entrepreneur it is very important to set goals in order to stay on task and achieve what it is you are striving for.  A goals list is a great motivator and whenever you start to feel lazy it’s good to have a list to refer to in order to gain some momentum and inspiration.

So without further ado here is my list of goals for 2012:

  • Do not start any new gambling websites.  This year I want to focus primarily on my bigger websites, such as Sports Bet Listings and really try to build these sites into authority portals.  It seems like mini sites are having a harder time ranking well in Google and for this reason I do not want to start any new miniature sites this year.  Instead I will continue to build my current websites and build out my current mini sites into bigger, more authoritative sites on their specific topics.
  • Create a “To Do” list for every working day.  I find if I have a “to do” list I can stay on task much better and get a lot more work done than if I just try to think of things to do while I work.  I’m going to try to create a “to do” list every night before bed for the next day.
  • Continue to post every day on NHL Betting Tips during the season.  This site has been doing very well and I want to continue to build it and focus on posting a new prediction every day throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  • Build NBA Betting Predictions up to the same level as NHL Betting Tips.  I don’t know a lot about the NBA so I have a friend writing the predictions every day, but the hope is to build the site up to the same level as my NHL predictions site by the end of the year.
  • Build out all of my current sites to at least 6 pages.  I currently have a lot of websites with only 1 page up in order to age the site.  These one page websites are on some solid domains and if I can just add a few more pages the  websites will seem much more legit and trustworthy.
  • Improve into an authority site for online poker downloads.  This is my main online poker site nowadays and I plan on continuing to build it throughout the year into a site that ranks well for a variety of download related terms.
  • Earn $50,000 in net income throughout the year.  I think this is a very doable goal as I have continued to increase my revenue streams and being able to work full time this year should push me to about that mark.  And the great thing about building websites is that the income generally grows as long as you maintain your sites.

Sports Betting Affiliate Goals November 11

November 2nd, 2011 by NdeJonge 0

It’s been a while since I made a post on here and I want to get back to at least adding my monthly goals and assessing my last months performance.  It should help keep me on task for the month.  Actually once the summer ended I was able to refocus and have been getting much more work done in the past two months.  Buckling down after the summer was my main goal and I feel I have achieved it fairly well.  I still have 3 courses at University and still don’t get much, if any, work done on weekends.

November Goals

  • Add 10 more static pages of content to and continue to get at least 5 posts up a week at the site.  Sports Bet Listings has recently reemerged as a solid site in Google so I want to keep this trend alive and add more pages to provide a better service and to rank for some more terms.  The posts aren’t very well liked however, sometimes taking days to be indexed, but hopefully continued posting of quality should turn this around.
  • Add 20 more static pages of content to, a new site of mine where I will be attempting to go after some “bet on” key terms.  I’m launching the site today, but it still has a lot of content that needs to be added.
  • Continue to add daily NHL predictions to  So far my NHL predictions have been doing great this season and I have seen a lot of traffic to this site.  I want to keep up posting winning picks.
  • Add a weekly post to about the tournaments taking place that week.  This is more or less just to continue to build the site and not leave it sitting.
  • Add at least 1 post to all of my other “online gambling” blogs.
  • Build more links, especially to and a few to to get it started.
  • Develop a new “Bet On College Basketball” site with 6 pages of content and build some links.

This list should keep me busy for the month, especially with the last few school projects finishing up before exams next month. I’m really looking forward to being done school and being able to focus all of my energy on making money!

Good luck in November everybody!

Switching To CPA For American Facing Sportsbooks

August 5th, 2011 by NdeJonge 1

Sports betting has been my primary focus over the past year and now with the Black Friday fiasco and Full Tilt closing it’s doors poker is definitely on the back burner for myself.  That being said it seems like sportsbooks are following suit and leaving the American market. has left the American market and changed their domain to  BetUS is another bookie to leave their primary market and they have changed their domain to  Bodog, one of the bookmakers that I would have expected to stay in the United States no matter what, has even announced that they will be leaving the American market when their license expires at the end of the year.

With all of this uncertainty in online gambling in the United States it only seems logical to be on a CPA plan rather than a revenue share model.  If the sportsbook is forced out of the American market or even leaves voluntarily all of the American players that you have been receiving rev share on will dry up and your income will diminish greatly.  Affiliates who were on the Full Tilt Poker revenue share know all to well about this occurrence.

I’m currently in the process of attempting to switch my revenue share accounts to CPA, at least at the American facing rooms.  Some sportsbooks are not as receptive to the idea, while others will work with you to ensure that you promote them to the best of your abilities.  I suggest other affiliates of American facing sportsbooks or poker rooms follow suit.


In August my goals are to maintain my websites, continue to add content and just slowly improve them.  I don’t have any big plans for August because it’s the last month of the summer and I intend to enjoy it.  I haven’t done a lot of work this summer, instead opting to hang out with friends and enjoy the summer.  Come September I will need to buckle down and work hard because as we know the online gambling industry is becoming harder to turn a profit in.

One thing I am happy about is my main online sports betting website is finally getting some love by Google.  This past month the traffic grew by 600% and I’m actually ranking for some solid terms.  I hadn’t focused on that site for almost a year and was almost ready to call it quits with it, but now I have a renewed energy to make it the authority site that I had set out to create.

My friend Adam has been working on a Free Mobile Casinos website, which I think is a great idea because mobile gaming is certainly the way of the future.  I might have to look into at least putting some more mobile oriented pages on some of my main sites.

“Bet On” Type Websites for Sports Betting

May 26th, 2011 by NdeJonge 0

I recently went out and purchased about 5 different “bet on” type domains for different sports or sports leagues.  I have noticed that even though these exact terms, such as “Bet On MLB” receive less searches than a search such as “MLB Betting” the conversion rate should be much higher.  An individual who searches for “bet on MLB” is no doubt interesting in betting on the MLB and looking for a betting site where they can place their bets.  An individual searching for “MLB betting” may also be looking to sign up at a sportsbook, but they could very well just be interested in learning about MLB betting and how its done.  I think the “bet on” mini sites will work great because the conversion success rate should really be based on the home page call to action.  I’m hoping that these “bet on” type sites are similar to bonus code sites in that the visitors have already decided they are going to sign up at a sportsbook, they just want to know where to go.

In a little bit of a follow up from my last post on the horse race betting mini sites my Bet Grand National website brought in 6 real money players, which isn’t great, but I wasn’t ranking where I wanted to be, which leaves me pretty happy with the results.  Add in the fact that the site was extremely easy to create and doesn’t require much upkeep, I think it was a smart buy and creation.  We will see how the next site, Epsom Derby Betting, does next month, along with Bet Belmont Stakes.

With me being pretty well done school I want to start taking the online marketing business more seriously, but it is hard to get a lot of work done in the summer when there is something going on seemingly every day and night.  I have been working on my tennis betting website, which is a solid domain that I purchased from Jess at PAL.  It still has a long ways to go, but I am going to try to make it the authority site for tennis betting online.

That’s a quick update for now.  I’ll try to do another one soon with my goals for June.

Created a Few Horse Racing Betting Sites

February 4th, 2011 by NdeJonge 0

With the Triple Crown approaching I remembered how successful the Kentucky Derby betting website that Kevin and I worked on last year and wanted to check out if there were any other races worthy of individual sites. To do this I followed a few quick steps that I’ve outlined below.

  • First, I did a few quick searches in google for “top horse races” and “popular horse races”.
  • Once I had an idea of some of the more popular horse races worldwide I headed over to the Google keyword tool and started plugging in the race names with betting terms.  For example, “Melbourne Cup betting”, “Bet on Grand National”, etc, etc.
  • Every time I found a phrase that had enough exact matches I headed over to Godaddy and checked if any of the .com/.net/.org extensions of the name were available.
  • If they were I put that domain name into my spread sheet with the approximate number of exact matches that domains key words get per month.  After going through a wide variety of possible horse racing betting keyword combinations I had my list of available domains.
  • For each domain I then went on Google and checked out the competition to see how difficult it would be to rank for the exact match and other similar keywords.  To do this I basically just entered in the different key terms and then checked the quality of the websites ranking near the top of the first page.  I looked at backlink profiles, age, and also just overall appeal of the site.
  • This weeded out a lot of domains that I felt would have too much competition to be worthwhile for me at the time.  I ended up purchasing 3 horse racing domains, each for a different popular race worldwide.

Last week I got the sites all set up.  They are each just 2 page sites for now, but I will add to them when the races approach.  I like these kind of sites because they generally only require focus from you for a week or so of the year and can still make a lot of money in this small timeframe.  I created a Grand National betting site for the upcoming race in April and also an Epsom Derby betting website for the upcoming Derby in June.  I even looked far enough ahead into the future to create a site dedicated to Melbourne Cup bets, which will likely not make a dime until November, when the race is held.

These sites were very easy to create and if I can build enough links to them they should be able to rank high enough to make a decent profit come race time.  There are still a lot of solid exact match domains out there.  You just have to put in a little work to find out which ones are worth your effort.

Goals for 2011

January 3rd, 2011 by NdeJonge 0

There was a good post on PAL about everyones goals for 2011 and I figured this would be a good topic for a new blog post here, rather than adding to the PAL thread.  As you can tell I have let the personal blog slide so some new material was a must.

In 2011, I would like to continue to build my online affiliate business, but I will be looking to diversify away from online poker and sports betting.  I have many online poker and sports betting websites currently producing income, but with poker affiliate income seeming to fall of late I will be focussing my efforts for new sites away from poker, while still maintaining my online poker network of websites.  I actually just created a new poker download website ( over the Christmas break and I expect this to be my last poker site for at least the near future.

I currently have some coding being done for a new site in the “local deals” area of business.  That’s all I will say about this now, but I will have a new post up when the website is up and functioning.

So here is a list of goals:

  • Diversify online portfolio
  • Increase net revenue by 25% over 2010
  • Become more organized and protected (use keepass, dropbox, etc)
  • Continue to build links to sites with potential – even if they are not earning
  • Finish University

2010 was a very good year for my business and I hope to continue to build on things in 2011.  I was everyone reading this good luck on their own 2011 goals and don’t be afraid to post your goals in the comments!